Wyoming Waste Systems to Start Senior Rate Soon

Wyoming Waste Systems to Start Senior Rate Soon

GREEN RIVER– Wyoming Waste Systems gave an update of their first year of services in Green River at last night’s council meeting, in which they scheduled a workshop with the council to finalize the senior citizen service rate.

The workshop will be March 26, starting at 6:30 pm.

Valerie McCoy, Wyoming Waste Systems office manager, said they have been working on figuring out a senior rate, and should be ready to finalize it in March.

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Mayor Pete Rust said the residents of Green River were told a senior rate would start in the first quarter of the year, so he stressed the importance of getting the rate finalized as soon as possible.

Operations Update

McCoy said Wyoming Waste Systems has been providing waste services to Green River for over a year now, and she acknowledged some of the challenges they faced throughout the year.

She said they faced challenges with phone issues, service issues, and communication with the residents. They are now advertising changes in pick up in the local papers, as well as mass calling the residents.

“We continue to look for other areas of improvement,” McCoy said. “We want to make sure we provide the best services for this community.”

McCoy said that the recycling center on W. Teton Street has closed, but the transfer station is accepting recyclables during transfer station hours. She asked that residents keep their recycling separated from trash for tracking purposes.

Repairs from the September 2018 fire have not yet been completed, so Wyoming Waste is still operating outside of the transfer station building.

Data of the Waste Collected

McCoy reported that 1,926 residents used the transfer station in the past year, with only 87 residents exceeding the 1,800-pound weight limit.

Over the past year of services, Wyoming Waste Systems has collected:

  • 1,313 gallons of oil and antifreeze
  • 65 batteries
  • 66.65 tons of cardboard
  • 75 car and truck tires
  • 1,155.82 tons of green waste
  • 274 gallons of paint
  • 230 televisions
  • 4,392.80 tons of mixed solid waste, of which 3,866.92 tons were taken to the Green River landfill prior to its closing.