YWCA Thanks United Way Helping Hands Day Volunteers

YWCA Thanks United Way Helping Hands Day Volunteers

For Helping Hands Day, Mandros Painting helped YWCA of Sweetwater County at the shelter by putting a swing set together and doing a lot of much needed yard work.

SWEETWATER COUNTY– Several local organizations and businesses helped YWCA of Sweetwater County with projects this year for Helping Hands Day 2019, an annual event organized by United Way of Southwest Wyoming.

YWCA of Sweetwater County provides services that are specifically targeted to meet the needs of our community with hopes to better people’s lives.

These services include early childcare, preschool, advocate services for all forms of violence, violence prevention education, and free financial education classes.

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J.R. Simplot Company Paints Classrooms

J.R. Simplot Company gathered a group of approximately 20 volunteers and came to the YWCA to paint all five childcare classrooms. Three of the five rooms had not been painted in the last 10 years.

Simplot employees and volunteers dedicated a Friday evening and most of the day Saturday to make sure the rooms were prepped and painted. All paint and supplies were bought and donated by Simplot.

“We don’t have the funds to complete large projects like this so we truly appreciate Simplot giving their time and covering all the expenses to make this project happen,” Melinda Baas, YWCA Executive Director said. 

Large projects often get put on the back burner in many nonprofit organizations because funds are most often dedicated toward services to the community as their top priority.

“We are so thankful of all volunteers who dedicated themselves to complete improvement projects for us. We are also very appreciative of United Way for organizing this event each year,” Kayla Mannikko, YWCA Development Director said.

United Way of Southwest Wyoming works hard throughout the year to help connect volunteers and local agencies together to make a stronger community.

Other Volunteers

Other Helping Hands volunteers who have chipped with projects includes Mandros Painting, Western Wyoming Beverages, and Marathon Oil.

Mandros Painting came and helped YWCA at the shelter by putting a swing set together and doing a lot of yard work that was very much needed.

Western Wyoming Beverages came and shampooed all five classrooms as well as washed chairs and cots.

Marathon Oil came and washed over 40 windows, as well as brought compost to fill YWCA’s new garden boxes.