The Mast to Make Renovations to Open as Bar

The Mast to Make Renovations to Open as Bar

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GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council unanimously approved alterations to take place at The Mast Lounge to allow the building to open as a bar.

Thomas Eddy, owner of The Mast, addressed the Council during the March 2 meeting to try to obtain a non-conforming use permit placed back onto the building which would allow him to open the establishment as a strip club.

However, the Council said they would not allow the building to be used as a non-conforming use, and that the structure lost its non-conforming use due to not being in use for 18 consecutive months. According to the city ordinance, if active and continuous operation of a nonconforming use is discontinued for a period of 18 consecutive months, the structure loses its non-conforming use and can only be used for a conforming use.

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During the March 2 meeting, Mayor Pete Rust said the city would be willing to help Eddy if he would like to open a bar in the building without the sexual-oriented business.

Since then, Eddy has submitted an updated floor plan for approval, which indicates use of a bar without the strip club. The Mast is already a licensed retail liquor establishment.

The Council unanimously approved the alterations.

Other Business

The Council also unanimously approved to award an ADA improvements project to DeBernardi Construction in the amount of $167,455. The project includes ADA Improvements along a portion of East Teton Boulevard, from Bridger Drive to Alabama Drive.

In other business, City Administrator Reed Clevenger said he has sent correspondence to the Sweetwater County Commissioners regarding their current stance on helping with ambulance services. Though he did not reveal what the city plans to do in regards to funding the services, he said that they “know the need for the services is no doubt.”

The Green River City Council, as well as the Rock Springs City Council were informed on March 2 that if they do not help fund the ambulance services in the county, Sweetwater Medics will stop responding to 911 calls starting April 1, 2021. This is due to the Commissioners eliminating their contracts and all corresponding funding to Sweetwater Medics and Castle Rock Ambulance Service.

According to Sweetwater County Commissioner Jeff Smith, it costs $1.28 million to fund the county’s ambulance service. Sweetwater Medics costs about $944,000, while Castle Rock Ambulance costs about $348,000. Smith said the county would pay 50 percent, which would be $693,792, and the remaining 50 percent would be split between Green River and Rock Springs. Green River would be responsible for one-third, or $213,264, of the funding, while Rock springs, would be responsible for two-thirds or $423,528.

The Rock Springs City Council discussed how to move forward with ambulance service during its meeting tonight.