Wyoming Hunger Initiative Launches “Grow a Little Extra” Program

Wyoming Hunger Initiative Launches “Grow a Little Extra” Program

CHEYENNE — First Lady Jennie Gordon’s Wyoming Hunger Initiative is proud to partner
with University of Wyoming Extension to launch a new program under the Food from the Farm +
Ranch banner called Grow a Little Extra. Instead of reinventing the wheel, this collaboration utilizes
existing resources to create a sustainable solution to hunger.

Wyoming Hunger Initiative Regional Directors Dr. Caitlin Youngquist and Lori Dickinson, both
from University of Wyoming Extension, spearheaded this effort to encourage gardeners to Grow a
Little Extra this year in order to provide produce for their neighbors in need. The Grow a Little
Extra campaign will target three groups in Wyoming: home gardeners who can “grow a little
extra” to share with local food pantries, existing community gardens who can dedicate one or two
sections to growing food specifically for local food distribution agencies, and churches or
community organizations who want to start a new garden to grow food for the community.

“University of Wyoming Extension is already doing good work around the state with their Master
Gardener program and Cent$ible Nutrition Program,” says First Lady Jennie Gordon. “This
Wyoming Hunger Initiative effort will leverage the work already being done and help increase
access to local produce for a wide range of people in Wyoming.”

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Anyone in the state of Wyoming who enjoys gardening is encouraged to grow an extra row or two
and donate the produce to their local Cent$ible Nutrition Program, where it will be weighed and
and distributed to local anti-hunger organizations. Wyoming Hunger Initiative has also distributed
seed packets to all twenty-three counties and the Wind River Indian Reservation for anyone
interested in picking them up for free at their local Extension office. Lastly, infrastructure grants are

available for organizations who wish to expand an existing community garden or start a new one
to grow produce specifically for sharing with families and organizations in need.

“UW Extension enthusiastically supports Wyoming gardeners, the community gardens across our
state, and Jennie Gordon’s Wyoming Hunger Initiative. The Grow a Little Extra project provides an
outstanding opportunity for all of us to rally in support of local organizations who provide food for
our community members who are in need. Please visit your local UW Extension office for
information and assistance in contributing to this important effort,” says Kelly Crane, Associate
Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Director of University of Wyoming